Celebrate Valentine's Day with Jesus's Love!

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Jesus's Love!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and it's time to show your loved ones how much you care. We have two great free resources to help you do just that: Our Love Like Jesus Activity Book, and Free Printable Valentine's Cards!

Love Like Jesus Activity Book

We’d love to help your family in their knowledge and love of Jesus with a free activity book, just for you! It is full of inspiration from scripture, questions for thought, and ideas for crafts!

Here are some ideas of how to use our activity book:

1. Bring out your Jesus Plush Pal to accompany your child through the activity book!

2. Read the scripture verses to your child.

3. Explain the verses to your child and reflect on them together.

4.Encourage them to be creative with the activities!

We hope this will be a blessing to you and your family!

For more inspiration to love like Jesus in your everyday life, check out our Love Like Jesus Collection!

Download the Free Activity Book today!

Free Printable Valentine's Cards 

One of the most heartfelt and creative ways to share God's love is by making your very own Valentine's cards. The personal touch you put into it makes the sentiment even more special. But did you know that there's another dimension of love that you can share this Valentine's? That's right! It's the love of Jesus.

Each card you make can be a little reminder of His love for us. This is a message that never gets old, no matter how many times we hear it. So why not incorporate it into your Valentine's Day cards this year? After all, "Jesus Loves You!" is the ultimate statement of love.

But how do you go about doing this? Well, it's simple! Just print out our Free Valentine's cards and color them yourself!

So why wait? Get started on your cards today and spread the love this Valentine's Day. Remember, every card you make is a chance to remind someone of the greatest love of all - the love of Jesus.

For more Valentine's Day inspiration, browse our Love Collection!

Download the Free Printable Valentines Today!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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