Child of God and Praying Mama Free Activity Books

Child of God and Praying Mama Free Activity Books

Thinking about sending our children back to school this year, we wanted ways to remind them of God's love throughout the day. This led to the creation of our Back to School Collection, which provides so many ways to remind your child of God's love throughout the day.

We wanted to create activity books to help root you and your child's day, and year, in prayer and faith! And, to be a little extra, we wanted them to incorporate the themes of our current collections. To accomplish this, we have created not one, but three activity books! We created two Child of God Activity Books incorporating our favorite Back to School collection patterns, the floral pattern and arrow pattern. We also created a Praying Mama Reflection Guide for you!

These books include inspiration from scripture, prayers, questions for thought, and activities! 

Here are some ideas for how to use the Child of God activity books

  • Read the scripture verses and explain them to your child.
  • Discuss the activity pages and encourage your child to be creative!
  • Print the prayers and pray with your child daily!!

And here are ideas for how to use your Praying Mama Activity Book:

  • Read the scripture verses and spend time in prayer reflecting on the God-given gift of being a mother.
  • Reflect on the provided questions about the verses.
  • Use the provided prayer as inspiration in your spiritual life.
  • Print the beautiful pages and use them as decor in your home!

For more inspiration on incorporating prayer into your day, visit our Pray Collection!

We hope these will be a blessing to you and your family!

Download the Child of God Activity Book- Floral Pattern

Download the Child of God Activity Book- Arrow Pattern

Download the Praying Mama Reflection Guide

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