Who We Are

We are Christian mothers working against our current culture's values in an effort to reorient ourselves and our children back to Jesus Christ- the Son of the one true God!

Little did we know the wonderful plans God had for us when we sat next to each-other as strangers nearly four years ago watching our daughters in ballet class. We quickly bonded over our deep faith and love of Christ and have been overwhelmed with the blessings God has poured and continues to pour over this relationship. We have become sisters in Christ, leaning on each other through the seasons of wife-hood, mother-hood, adult-hood, and all the hoods in-between! Even moving to the same neighborhood (ish) halfway across the country at the same time!

As Christian mothers ourselves, we are working against our current culture's values of elevating self, determining our own truth, and rejecting God, in an effort to reorient ourselves and our children back to Jesus Christ- the Son of the one true God.

Our collections have been designed to focus on a Friend of the Faith and the way in which they uniquely honored God in an effort to learn the scriptures and point us to true heroes we should aspire to emulate- real people like you and me who were flawed yet brought glory to God through their trust, faith and confidence in Him.

Each collection includes a visually appealing, soft-to-the touch Plush Pal with a unique 3-phrase tag line serving as the collections' theme and focus. Plush Pals make the perfect snuggle as you drift off to sleep, visual aids as you read through the Bible, quiet play time, and office, playroom and home decor!

Collections additionally include apparel and home goods centering on the same 3-phrase theme of the Plush Pal in an effort to infuse your daily walk with God's word! With Friends of the Faith merchandise, you can begin your day with an inspired Love like Jesus mug of hot coffee or tea; head to the gym or go for a walk sporting Daughter of the King leggings; run errands and play with the kids wearing a comfortable Praying Mama t-shirt; and snuggle up at the end of the day with the softest blanket printed with messages of God's love!

Our prayer is that through thoughtfully made and beautifully crafted merchandise, you and your family can be continually reminded of God's unfailing love and share that beautiful love with those around you

All glory to Him and Him alone,

Dominique and Lauren

  • Lauren Wilbur

    Lauren is a follower of Jesus, wife to Mike, and mama of 2 humans (daughter, Kayden and son, Henry) and 5 fur-babies! Professionally, Lauren wears many hats, including Director at a professional accounting firm, published Christian author (Faith & Fertility), and Co-Owner / Founder of Friends of the Faith. Lauren is passionate about spreading the good news of the gospel and inspiring Christians to live their faith boldly and confidently as the remnant of our generation.

  • Dominique Tomaino

    Dominique is a lawyer, wife, and mother of two. She is a lifelong Catholic, and loves learning and sharing about her faith! She was inspired by her mother’s attempt to develop a Christian children’s toy in her youth, and has loved developing beautiful plushes and merchandise to help others live, learn, and share their faith!