Find Christmas in Your Home with these Fun Activities!

Find Christmas in Your Home with these Fun Activities!

Are you looking for a way to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and incorporate meaning into your advent? Tired of the hijinks (or requests for) a certain elf that likes to cause mischief but conveys nothing about Jesus? We are too!

We've created not one, but TWO alternatives to the popular secular tradition, Mary & Joe on the Go and Spy the Magi!

 Add depth to your Holy Family Plush Pal set with this activity! Hide them around the home each day as they journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem! You can even set up a manger in your home that they get closer to each day. Then on Christmas morning you will find them at the manger with baby Jesus! Instead of hijinks, combine them with scripture verses or notes of inspiration on who to help and love others to prepare the way for Jesus. Our Free Advent Calendar Activity Book is the perfect addition to this set! You could even hide Mary and Joseph with the scripture verse or coloring page for the day!

Just because the commercial celebration of Christmas ends doesn't mean we are done celebrating the arrival of Christ! Did you know that traditionally the journey of the wisemen has been celebrated after Christmas, ending in their arrival celebrated on the 12th day after Christmas, known as the Epiphany! With Spy the Magi, find your wisemen around the home as they search for the star! Use in conjunction with our Free Epiphany Activity Book to follow their journey to find baby Jesus!  You can even have your wisemen bring gifts when they arrive (as is done in some cultures around the world)!

The activity cards now ship with each set of Holy Family and Wisemen Plush Pals! You can also download them here:

Mary & Joe on the Go

Spy the Magi

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